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Artist monograph about Urech-Seon: Book launch in Zürich

Zurich's new book store Never Stop Reading (Spiegelgasse 18, 8001 Zürich) is going to present the book «Tritt in die Neuzeit» edited by the renowned publisher Scheidegger&Spiess on November 15th.

About Event
About Event

18:00 Book presentation and Apéro

19:00 Introduction by Stefan Kunz (director Bündner Kunstmuseum)

About artist
Rudolf Urech-Seon
Seon, 1876 — 1959

After his apprenticeship as a house painter, Rudolf Urech (18.2.1876, Seon - 23.7.1959, Seon) established a painting business in his home village Seon in the canton of Aargau in 1905 and married Marie Baumann in the same year. Despite a secured family and professional situation, Urech decided close his business to attend the Munich Art Academy from 1913 to 1916 and pursue an artistic career. In 1918 he returned to Seon and rarely left the village after that. From then on he called himself Urech-Seon to differentiate himself from the Basel painter Rudolf Urech (1888–1951).