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Clara Porges – Im Bergell bei Soglio, n. d.


Clara Porges - Im Bergell bei Soglio, n.d.
Watercolour on paper
44 x 59 cm

The awe-inspiring mountain scenery was not only a home away from home for Clara Porges, but an irreplaceable motif, which she captured in her vividly painted watercolours. The Swiss stone-pines and larches found in this alpine landscape occupied a special place in her work; trees with radiating branches, usually placed prominently in the foreground as meticulous details, soon became a typical feature in Porges' oeuvre.

Im Bergell bei Soglio accentuates this feature, presenting an extreme close-up, almost photographic framing of a tree erupting through the landscape. Both the unusual composition and the odd perspective contribute to the mystical character which Porges has imbued her Engadin mountainscapes with.

Furthermore, the saturated coloration of the coniferous trees added great contrast to a rather light landscape, creating silhouettes that dwindled into the distance. The alpine flora, brought to life by elegant yet tenacious brush strokes, stands on its own against the vertical mountains in the backdrop; reminiscent of the famous Japanese woodblock prints of the 18th and 19th centuries, which were very popular with European artists at the time.