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François Morellet - Georges Candilis


François Morellet2 trames de grillage -4° +4°, 1975
Iron wire on acrylic on wood
40 x 40 cm

With the title of the work 2 trames de grillage -4° +4°, François Morellet gives a hint as to how the work was created. It describes the components of the artwork and their assembly: 2 wire mesh grids, one arranged at a -4 degree angle and the other at a + 4 degree angle. This results in a dynamic overlapping of the grids, which have been placed on a black-painted background. The result is a geometric star or ray structure that spreads symmetrically around the centre of the picture. If you let your gaze wander over the fine, superimposed wire lines, these shapes incessantly emerge and disappear again.

Geogres CandilisEdition Sentou, around 1969
Ash and cast aluminium
70.7 x 43 x 45.2 cm

From 1945, the Greek architect and designer Georges Candilis worked in Le Corbusier's studio, whereupon important collaborations were realised. Together with the Finnish designer Anja Blomstedt, a collection was created under the name Sentou. The robust furniture was intended to be easy to dismantle and transport. Candilis' aim was always to adapt his designs to the social and economic conditions of the disadvantaged population and to place the human being at the centre. "The respect has no formula, no recipe. It is the feeling that architects have to possess with their customers; if the construction can give material satisfactions, the architecture has to bring something furthermore: the dignity and the freedom."