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About us

Galerie Bromer is a Swiss art gallery founded by René Brogli in November 2011 and is located in Roggwil in the canton of Bern.

The gallery's focus lies on classical modernism with names such as Cuno Amiet, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Giovanni Giacometti and Ferdinand Hodler, as well as on contemporary art with artists such as Günther Förg, Markus Lüpertz and Richard Long. In the field of international art trade Galerie Bromer has gained a recognized position and is therefore able to mediate, acquire and commission important works from the secondary market. We maintain close contacts with collectors, artists and institutions on a national and international level with the utmost discretion. We also offer holistic administration and processing of estates as well as support in building, maintaining and dissolving collections.
Several times a year, we organize thematic and monographic temporary exhibitions in our gallery premises in Roggwil, thus constantly shedding new light on the most diverse aspects of our art collection.
The gallery's own publishing house, Edition Bromer, regularly produces carefully prepared artist monographs and exhibition catalogues that provide an insight into the gallery's research and support of artists.

Through our platform Galerie Bromer Online you can gain a comprehensive insight into our inventory and directly request or purchase high-quality works of art. The original artworks can always be viewed in our gallery space. 

Blick in den Lichthof von bromer kunst

Sicht auf die Galerie von der Gartenseite aus

Das Areal von bromer kunst aus der Vogelperspektive

Gartenanlage von bromer kunst

Bromer Art Collection

The Bromer Art Collection is the private art collection of René Brogli, initiator of Galerie Bromer and chairman of the board of Bromer Holding AG. The encounter with the landscape painter Arnold Ammann was his first contact with the art world, upon which he began to collect art passionately. The focus of his collection grew into the field of classical modernism and Swiss landscape and mountain painting from the 19th and 20th centuries, including important works by Cuno Amiet, Ferdinand Hodler, Ernest Bièler or Charles L’Eplattenier among others.
In the past ten years, the collection has expanded thematically through the increasing addition of contemporary positions, including works by the German enfant terrible Jonathan Meese, the Land Art artist Richard Long or the Swiss artist Sabine Hertig.
René Brogli's enthusiasm for the Swiss artist Rudolf Häsler, who lived in Cuba for twelve years during the revolution, also brought the collection to a new focus point and a new geographical expansion: Cuban art.


René Brogli
Owner and initiator

Rita Brogli
Owner and administrative director

Pier Stuker
Managing Partner

Samira Tanner

Evelyn Bangerter
Art-historical assistant