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Hildegard Weber-Lipsi - Feux d'Artifice, 1994


Hildegard Weber-Lipsi - Feux d'Artifice, 1994
Lithograph chalk on paper
42 x 29.7 cm

Hildegard Weber-Lipsi (1901 - 2001) drew and painted almost daily. She always had her sketchbook with her to record visual impressions and colourful experiences. Over the years, she explored various themes, reexamining them time and again through new perspectives. With curiosity and inventiveness, she created penetrating series, including the Feuerwerke (fireworks).

Exploding rockets, flickering golden rain, glaring flashes of light - with her expressive chalk drawings, the artist succeeded in capturing the atmosphere of the fireworks spectacle on paper. With thick, fast, and strong lines Hildegard Weber-Lipsi drew the dark night sky. She used the remaining white areas to depict the light, giving her works an enormous luminosity. It almost seems as if the flashes of light glow through the dark sky made of black chalk lines.

This group of works is currently presented in the thematic exhibition LINE - Creation and Reduction in Roggwil. You can also gain a virtual insight into the show via our Online Viewing Room.

About artist
Hildegard Weber-Lipsi
Wädenswil, 1901 — 2000

Hildegard Weber-Lipsi (1901, Wädenswil - 2000, Küsnacht) already drew as a child and began an artistic education at the age of 20. She studied in Zurich, Karlsruhe, London, and Paris, where she took drawing lessons with the sculptor Morice Lipsi, her future husband. Already in 1929, she was able to exhibit in the Salon d'autonme at the Grand Palais in Paris. After a time together with Morice Lipsi at the artists' colony "La Ruche", the two moved to a farm on the outskirts of Paris after their marriage in 1930.
The war forced the couple to go separate ways for a while, as Morice Lipsi had to flee to the Charente in 1941. Hildegard Weber-Lipsi had to move to Switzerland with her daughters. From then on the family lived alternately on Lake Zurich and in Paris.
Hildegard Weber-Lipsi regularly attended the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles and exhibited her paintings in France, Germany, Israel, Japan, and Switzerland.