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Artist Presentation

Jessica Russ


Jessica Russ »ohne Titel«, 2021, Inv.-Nr.223-2

The paintings of Jessica Russ (*1988 in Nyon, lives and works in Lausanne) are strikingly systematic. Her artistic process also deals with the layering of specific colors. With near graphical precision, her works all but seem to contradict the actual means of creation through brushes and acrylic paint. While the artist first researches and creates her paintings digitally, away from the studio, in a subsequent step she transfers the shapes onto the canvas. Again, an element of chance intervenes, as Jessica Russ sources the specific colors from the remnants of the mixtures used in her previous works. Fragments of various entities meet individual excerpts of organic and geometrical structures alike – similar to a mental landscape, which continuously fluctuates between abstraction and figuration.
The often-recurring forms are superimposed by subtle lines. They gently roam through the paintings, as if the artist were exploring her own canvases more closely in the sense of an uncharted terrain. Specific sections are additionally outlined, while, in some places, the line takes on a life of its own by forming new shapes. The rigid flatness thus challenges the dynamic impulses of the line. As a result, Jessica Russ places two movements, two dimensions, and two temporalities in a color-balanced equilibrium.

Jessica Russ »Lullaby«, 2020, Inv.-Nr.223-3
Jessica Russ »Electric Réunion«, 2019, Inv.-Nr.223-1
Jessica Russ »SoundCloud«, 2020, Inv.-Nr.223-5