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Artist Presentation

Lea Krebs


Lea Krebs – ohne Titel, 2018
Acryllack auf Leinwand
127 x 96 cm

The series of works by Lea Krebs (*1984 in Aarau, lives and works in Biel/Bienne) are characterized by her particular technique. She casts the material properties of color as the protagonist in her artistic work and studies its behavior on different surfaces. To this end, she first pours several layers of paint onto a sheet of plastic, which is then covered with the image carrier. After the acrylic lacquer starts to dry, the canvas or paper is removed, leaving clear traces of its creation. Due to this procedure, dense, relief-like surfaces emerge, which evade the artist’s direct intervention.
By contrast, Lea Krebs deliberately chooses specific colors and their formal relationships to one another. Rough sketches and a multitude of material experiments precede the works in each case, resulting in abstract color topographies based on “guided coincidences”.

Lea Krebs »ohne Titel«, 2019, Inv.-Nr.222-4
Lea Krebs »ohne Titel«, 2019, Inv.-Nr.222-8
Lea Krebs »ohne Titel«, 2018, Inv.-Nr.222-1