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Rudolf Urech-Seon - Composition 11, n.d.


Rudolf Urech-SeonComposition 11, n.d.
Oil on canvas
101 x 106 cm

In Composition 11 Rudolf Urech-Seon (1876-1959) creates an abstract compound of curved monochrome colour surfaces, which still shows clear signs of figuration.
With a reduced palette of seven colour shades, Urech-Seon combines flat shapes together to articulate two figure-like forms. These figures resemble mysterious dreamy creatures with subtle human attributes. Their eyes are particularly poignant, as they are the only elements in the painting with defined linear borders. Despite the limitations of the abstract composition, the two bizarre figures even seem to possess individual characteristics: while the one on the right seems determined, strong and dominant, the other one appears to be backing away, intimidated or insecure. The right figure raises grandly a red sphere in front of him, which conforms the centre of the entire composition.
Urech-Seon's painting lacks spatial depth, and yet it has a narrative and a sense of spatiality. In contrast, the thin layers of paint enhance the impression of two-dimensional flatness. Skillfully the artist seems to amplify such small opposites, enhancing thereby the tension of the whole composition.

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About artist
Rudolf Urech-Seon
Seon, 1876 — 1959

After his apprenticeship as a house painter, Rudolf Urech (18.2.1876, Seon - 23.7.1959, Seon) established a painting business in his home village Seon in the canton of Aargau in 1905 and married Marie Baumann in the same year. Despite a secured family and professional situation, Urech decided close his business to attend the Munich Art Academy from 1913 to 1916 and pursue an artistic career. In 1918 he returned to Seon and rarely left the village after that. From then on he called himself Urech-Seon to differentiate himself from the Basel painter Rudolf Urech (1888–1951).