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The former main building of the gallery, which was designed by the Munich architect Dr. Marie Aigner in cooperation with Bromer Architects, is situated on the edge of a protected landscape. Since July 2018 the main building is no longer open to the public and offers office space for the SAM Group Holding AG. Despite this, art remains an important part of the building: Large-format works will continue to be exhibited here and the spacious art-storage facilities, including the showroom, can be visited on request.

The building is spread over three floors and has an area of around 1600 m². The total area with garden and pond is 11,000 m². The building complex has an air-conditioned warehouse and a versatile multimedia room with 50 seats as well as a day cafeteria. The climatic and lighting conditions of the rooms are regularly monitored and follow the conservation guidelines for the optimal preservation of the works. The rooms are flooded with light by means of UV-light absorbing special glazing without damaging the exhibited works. These conditions enable bromer kunst to guarantee a professional exhibition and storage of the works. This is an important concern for the founder and the employees of the gallery.

bromer kunst view from the outside


Sicht auf die Galerie von der Gartenseite aus

Das Areal von bromer kunst aus der Vogelperspektive

Das Areal von bromer kunst aus der Vogelperspektive

Gartenanlage von bromer kunst


Blick in den Lichthof von bromer kunst

Grosser Ausstellungssaal

Treppenaufgang im Foyer von bromer kunst

Raum der Stille im Erdgeschoss der Galerie bespielt vom Schweizer Künstler Julian Charrière

bromer kunsts grosse Ausstellungssaal mit einer Mehrkanal-Videoarbeit des isländischen Künstlers Ragnar Kjartansson

Blick ins Foyer von bromer kunst

Ausstellungsraum im Obergeschoss der Galerie


Ground plans


Grundriss Erdgeschoss

Grundriss Obergeschoss

Grundriss Erdgeschoss