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Book release

Thomas Röthel - SYNTHESIS

The publication on the exhibition "SYNTHESIS" with Thomas Röthel and Angela Glajcar, which took place from 30.9.17 to 25.2.18 in the premises of bromer kunst, offers an insight into the impressive collaboration between gallery and artist. 

The exhibition SYNTHESIS is the first cooperation with Thomas Röthel, which was realized in the house of bromer kunst, but it was based on a connection between the management of bromer kunst and the artist, which has been existing for years and is appreciated by both sides. The result of this extremely good and enriching cooperation has become an extraordinary exhibition. His impressive works are from now on a permanent part of the gallery's program. Some of the works will therefore continue to be on display at bromer kunst and will give visitors reason to be enthusiastic. 

About artist
Thomas Röthel
Ansbach, 1969

Thomas Röthel was born in 1969 in Ansbach (Germany). After his education as wood sculptor he studied from 1992 to 1998 at the Art Academy in Nürmberg in Prof. Johannes P. Hölzinger's class. Today Röthel's signature material consists in solid steal; he transforms the material into delicate, seemingly fragile plastics. His steal sculptures vary according to the perspective they are observed from, therefore they are constantly subtly influenced by different lights and spatial perception.