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Valentin Roschacher - The Swiss Alps, Oil Paintings 2000-2013

This remarkable artist's monograph on Valentin Roschacher presents both the Swiss artist's many years of work and insights into Roschacher's life and work.

Valentin Roschacher has gained international attention and recognition as a painter of alpine landscapes in recent years. All in the spirit of the great Swiss artists. Holder or Segantini, he masterfully translates the magnificence of the monumental mountain world onto canvas. Far away from any moral or political message, he uses the language of nature to formulate a poem of colours and forms - aesthetic pleasure, an experience of beauty is his concern.

In this book, after years of artistic activity, the development of Valentin Roschacher's work to date is summarized. In addition, we learn about the unusual history of the creation of an Opus magnum: since 2010, he has been creating an Alpine panorama with attention to detail and meticulous patience, painting it with brushes that have no more than one, two or three hairs. On the basis of diary notes, photographs and texts by renowned scientists, the book traces the process of painting and the artist's intention. 

"Valetin Roschacher - The Swiss Alps, Oil Paintings 2000-2013"
Published by Renate Compostela and Res Perrot, 2013

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